Palos Verdes High School 

           Music Department


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Jazz Band I

     The first of the two Jazz Bands of Palos Verdes High School, Jazz Band I is a year-long course for young high school musicians looking to develop their musical skills by delving in an introduction to jazz music studies. Jazz Band I is composed mostly of freshmen and sophomores. Jazz Band I surveys the various styles of jazz through rehearsals, performances, and guided listening and reviews the fundamentals and interpretations of jazz and jazz-rock music.  Students rehearse and perform jazz of various styles (Blues, Afro-Cuban, Bop, Swing, Fusion, etc.). The course presents the influence of jazz on the rest of culture including slang, fashion, and music. 

     Palos Verdes High School’s Jazz Band I meets during fifth period. Achieving a position in this group requires an audition, which is held in early spring. Jazz I musicians are expected to read music and audition for a spot. Although considered an intermediate band, auditions for spots in Jazz I are quite competitive. 

Jazz Band I performs at both Winter and Spring Concerts and attend competitions in the spring. 


Jazz Band II

     The more advanced of the two jazz bands of Palos Verdes High School, Jazz Band II offers experienced musicians to delve in intense jazz studies and continue developing their musical skills. Jazz Band II musicians have at least 3 years of Jazz experience, and auditions for spots are quite competitive. Freshmen rarely make it into Jazz II on their first try. Musicians in this class are continually challenged to perform difficult pieces. Musicians are expected to have improvisational ability and to perform in front of large audiences.

    Many members form smaller ensembles and perform at local gigs (paid and unpaid). Weekly, several members mentor PV Intermediate School students after school.

Jazz Band II performs at both Winter and Spring Concerts and attend competitions in the spring.